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Institutional adoption of Digital Assets & DeFi requires a fundamental shift in the way banks and financial institutions operate. Hex Trust is the link that connects the traditional financial world to the digital assets ecosystem.

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Digital Asset Custody Hex Trust

Our Services

safekeeping custody


The industry’s most comprehensive custody solution with enterprise-grade security and features such as digital asset servicing.

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transaction clearing settlement custody

Clearing & Settlement

Secure, straight-through, real-time and near risk-free clearing and settlement for digital asset transactions.

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lending staking custody

Lending & Staking

Secure integration with lending and staking partners to generate additional returns on digital assets held in custody.

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trading markets custody

Markets Services

Trade execution, access liquidity and price discovery via our vast network of liquidity providers via OTC and exchanges.

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Why Hex Trust

Hex Trust was set up in Hong Kong in 2018 by veteran banking technologists and award-winning financial services experts to facilitate the transition of highly regulated financial institutions to digital assets. Hex Trust has already established itself as the leading Asian digital asset custodian.

Built with the highest security standards and enterprise-grade workflows, our proprietary platform, Hex Safe™, has been specifically designed to be bank-grade.

Our strategic partnerships with IBM, SIA, R3, and our rigorous approach to compliance, positions Hex Trust as the leading platform for banks, financial institutions, and corporates in the growing digital assets ecosystem.

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Digital Asset Custody of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Security Tokens, IBM Event Rafal Czerniawski Speaking
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“Corda’s unique scalability and security attributes make it ideally suited to heavily regulated environments and we wanted a custodian that operated with those same features. We have found that in Hex Trust and its commitment to the end-to-end safekeeping of digital assets.”

— Cathy Minter, Chief Revenue Officer at R3

Logo Mason Privatbank Lichtenstein

“Our goal is to offer regulated, but frictionless banking-grade digital assets cold storage to our clients, and this is why we teamed up with Hex Trust.”

— Hubert Buchel, Chief Markets Officer at Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein AG

Flexible Deployment Options

Full Custody

Clients seeking regulatory compliance can choose to have assets held by Hex Trust, a licensed custodian focused on digital assets custody and servicing.

Custody as a Service

Our CaaS solution allows clients to operate and retain full control of their assets without requiring a full on premise implementation and integration.

Enterprise Solution

Hex Trust enterprise solution offers the highest degree of flexibility to adapt to clients' processes and organizational structures.

New Perspectives


Proprietary Technology

Cutting-edge technology, developed from the ground-up to meet the strictest requirements of Banks and other regulated Financial Institutions.


Exclusive Focus

Exclusive focus on custody and servicing of digital assets to allow financial institutions to connect to the digital asset ecosystem.


Strategic Partnerships

Partnerships with industry leaders such as IBM and R3 to deliver the most secure and scalable digital asset custody solutions.


Fully Licenced

Fully licenced as a Trust Company and compliant with the strictest AML, CTF, FATF and other global regulatory requirements.


Seamless Integration

Range of deployment options, including SaaS, cloud-based and enterprise solutions, and seamless integration through APIs and SWIFT / FIX messaging.


Asia & Europe

Headquartered in Hong Kong, with offices in Singapore and Vietnam, as well as offices in Europe opening in 2021.

Digital Asset Custody for Banks and Financial Institutions

The Leading Bank-grade Custody Solution

Our technology solution is built around six core pillars which ensure it meets the strictest requirements of our banking sector clients:

  • Security – access to multi-tier defences
  • Robustness – performs securely under unexpected circumstances
  • Resilience – maintains an excellent level of services in the face of faults
  • Compliance – complies with existing financial regulations
  • Scalability – increases the maximum amount of transactions processed
  • Interoperability – seamless connectivity with other platforms
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