Hex Trust Markets

Seize Opportunities
in the Market

Don’t settle for sitting on the sidelines. With Hex Trust Markets, security and access go hand in hand to provide safe access to the DeFi ecosystem. Generate yield with native on-chain staking solutions and execute trades safely with your dedicated team.

Safe and Seamless
Access To DeFi

Safely and securely access the DeFi world using Hex Safe, the institutional-grade infrastructure for managing digital assets.
Access trusted partners across staking, wrapping, delegating and governance applications via APIs.
We offer support for emerging protocols so you can get in early and stay ahead of the game.

Transparent. Verifiable. On-Chain.

Participate in DeFi to secure the system, earn rewards, and vote on community proposals. All from the safety of your Hex Safe account.
  • Staking
  • Wrapping
  • Delegating
  • Governance

Recent Integrations

Connect To Any Ecosystem

We provide DeFi connectivity for any asset supported by Hex Safe.

Unlock the full potential of digital assets with Hex Trust.

For Market Leaders

Best execution across deep liquidity pools through market leading liquidity providers.
Efficient trade settlement across a wide range of cryptocurrencies and fiat.
Support for broad trading strategies across spot and margin markets.

Dedicated Trading Team. Available 24/7.

Leverage experienced traders combined with market-leading security across deep liquidity pools of global exchanges and OTC desks covering a wide range of digital assets.

Tailored Financing & Structured Solutions

Access unique income products specifically designed for digital assets.
Returns are directly available in your Hex Safe wallet, ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

Maximizing Strategic Gains in DeFi

We provide easy and safe access to decentralized applications that generate yield. A seamless experiences from deposit to withdrawal is guaranteed.

Do More
with Digital Assets

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