Hex Trust 2023 In Review

Hex Trust 2023 In Review

December 22, 2023

Through the twists and turns of legal battles stateside, and the mounting anticipation of pending Bitcoin ETF applications, 2023 has been a year of recalibration and progress. 

There has been a marked recognition amongst global regulators that to build the guardrails to protect investors - we must collaborate. And policymakers have listened, supported and reacted. 

Major players will seek to root their foundations in regions where regulators take a supportive and progressive stance to foster innovation and protect investors. The dialogue between policymakers and market participants has ensued across the ecosystem this year, and Hex Trust has actively participated.

Our resilience in 2023 is a positive signal of confidence and underscores our commitment to building secure blockchain infrastructure and expanding our global reach as a fully-licensed digital asset custodian.

Here’s a snapshot of what we have done, together with our key partners, to achieve our goals in 2023.

A year of building, innovation & growth

Cementing our global footprint

Our dedication to delivering 24/7 regulated digital asset support to our 250+ global institutional clients has been a cornerstone of our success. In an industry that never sleeps, we have demonstrated our commitment to staying vigilant and responsive at all times. 

All while meeting the strictest regulatory, compliance, and security standards, we consistently uphold our commitment to doing things the right way, without exception.

We solidified our presence in Europe and the Middle East, obtaining a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) registration in France and a full Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from VARA in Dubai.

The following are the new licenses and certifications we obtained this year, which attest to our commitment:

Participating in pilot programmes 

Market particpants have deepened their understanding of the opportunities and risks associated with  digital asset innovation.

From the launch of pilot programmes in Asia to test the viability of tokenization and CBDCs, to the regulation of stablecoins, - global policymakers and financial institutions have collaborated across borders  to develop common standards for digital asset market design. Hex Trust has been actively engaged in this dialogue, taking front and center positions.

As part of the e-HKD Pilot Programme, we joined a consortium of partners supporting Ripple and Fubon Bank to showcase  a use case for the equity release of tokenized real estate assets through Ripple’s CBDC platform. 

Expanding our ecosystem

We facilitated seamless integration with leading protocols, expanded into DeFi and metaverse asset custody, and enhanced staking solutions across various digital platforms.

Facilitating access to digital asset markets

Hex Trust goes beyond being a licensed custodian. 

This year, we introduced Hex Trust Markets (HTM) - a comprehensive platform that offers clients products and services to facilitate seamless access to the digital asset markets.

HTM offers a wide range of services, which include:

Read more here: Introduction to Hex Trust Markets: Seize Opportunities in Digital Assets

Cutting through the noise 

Hex Trust has been featured in the media over 150 times, covering: 

  • Regulatory Developments
  • Restoring Confidence
  • Increasing Transparency
  • Market Analysis
  • Crypto Crises 
  • Custody 3.0
  • Web3 infrastructure
  • Pilot Programmes
  • Ecosystem Innovation 
  • Institutional Participation
  • DeFi

On the big screen

On the front page

Leading opinions 

From embracing regulations in crypto to analyzing global shifts and spotlighting the evolutionary potential of Bitcoin ETFs, Hex Trust is driving thought leadership with impactful insights.

Here are some notable articles featuring our perspectives: 

A global custodian with a global voice

Amplifying our global expertise through prominent events, we led keynotes, participated in panels, and co-hosted influential gatherings. Our presence has shaped critical dialogues on blockchain, finance evolution, and digital asset integration – reinforcing our influential voice in the industry.

Connecting with our community

We have shared targeted insights across regulation and institutional digital asset adoption, fostering a close-knit rapport with industry peers and deepening community ties.

Participating in industry dialogue

We shaped broader industry conversations. From secure developments in the metaverse, to the future of DeFi, and emerging trends in virtual asset solutions. We showcased our knowledge and demonstrated our commitment to influencing the industry on the global stage.

Committed to our local community

Hex Trust is deeply committed to enriching our local communities. Our team actively supports community-driven activities, from hosting informative sessions with universities, to organizing intellectually stimulating events.

Internal initiatives and culture

At Hex Trust, we prioritize the cultivation of a vibrant and inclusive internal culture. Our internal initiatives are a testament to our dedication to nurturing talent and building a dynamic, supportive workplace.

  • Intern Diaries: Hex Trust shared the Intern Diaries, highlighting its internship program.

What’s next for Hex Trust in 2024?

We’ll be announcing product upgrades for our Hex Safe platform and expansions across all our service verticals. There will be introductions to new features and services which include broader support for on-chain staking, wrapping, delegating, DAO governance, e-trading, liquidity provision, token issuance, and more. 

Regulators are collaborating. Market participants are testing. The industry is maturing. 

Together as a team, we will continue to be an integral part of the dialogue and build trusted infrastructure to drive the global adoption of digital assets and encourage institutional participation.

Anchored in digital assets. Deep-rooted in security. Lead by TradFi veterans. Extending beyond custody. 2024 is set to be another year of growth for Hex Trust.

Watch this space!

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