Get to Know Our Head of Business Management: Emmanuel Ranchet

Get to Know Our Head of Business Management: Emmanuel Ranchet

March 2, 2023

Hi Emmanuel, can you tell us more about your position as ‘Head of Business Management’ and what it entails?

My role is to support Hex Trust’s business teams and ensure they have what they need to conduct their activities, be it custody, markets, or clients. This involves working on areas such as new products, target operating model design, or KPI monitoring. Another key focus is international expansion, where I primarily help with license applications in new jurisdictions. As a Business Manager, you get to learn a lot as you touch on many topics!

What first got you interested in the digital assets ecosystem?

There was lots of hype around blockchain in 2016, I started digging into “digital currencies” and got interested in Bitcoin’s history and the key features of this “new gold” (decentralized, fixed total supply, etc.). From that moment, I read every book or article I could find on crypto.

How did you first hear about Hex Trust, and what made you want to join the team?

After attending a FinTech course at HKU, I was looking into crypto companies based in Hong Kong and had the opportunity to meet with Hex Trust’s CEO, Alessio. Hex Trust had a balanced model between a tech startup and a financial services company and was already well engaged in Web3, which I found really appealing. I thought it was finally the right time to make the switch. Besides, the team seemed very friendly, which has proven to be true!

You recently moved to Dubai after spending several years in Hong Kong. Can you tell us about your experience of Dubai and its crypto ecosystem so far?

Vibrant and cosmopolitan, Dubai has developed into a major hub for blockchain and digital assets. This is visible from the number of associations, groups, and NFT projects flourishing in the city. Besides, the Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA) has launched a promising framework to oversee the industry, which is attracting companies to locate and participate in developing the local ecosystem. Under Filippo’s leadership, the team has made Hex Trust the first licensed and operational virtual assets company in Dubai.

Tell us something interesting that you do outside of work and which not many people know about you!

I love mountain biking! It’s fun and perfect for disconnecting from the city buzz. It’s also a great way to discover new places. I had the chance to travel around Nepal on a bike, which was an experience I will never forget. More recently, I used to ride in Lantau during the cooler months and am now exploring the trails in the mountains near Dubai.

It’s now time for some quick-fire questions.

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person

Favorite sports teams?

Not a team… but Federer is my favorite sportsman

Dogs or cats?

Hamsters ;)

Sweet or salted popcorn?


Coffee or tea?


Favorite film?

In the Mood for Love

Favorite travel destination?

New York

What would you eat for your last meal?

Probably a raclette

Bitcoin or Ethereum?


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Sam Ameen
Sam Ameen
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