Review of the Month: August 2018

Review of the Month: August 2018

August 23, 2018

Hex Trust in the Media

Hex Capital was featured in Digfin’s recent analysis of the crypto custody market.

The feature covered our Hex Safe custody solution, mentioning our “bespoke approach” could vault into becoming an “Asian version of Coinbase for investors in digital assets.”

“Hex Safe, the division dedicated to building custody, is being built to meet asset managers’ requirements, but specifically for a crypto environment. Another division, Hex Technologies, advises big companies on how to develop blockchains.”

“The ultimate goal is to create an offer that will become competitive within Asia, which assumes that the nascent industry will cohere around a handful of big regional players — in which someone like Hex could become something akin to Coinbase Prime, which retains a largely U.S.-centered clientele.”

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New Partnerships

Hex Capital is finalizing the terms for a future collaboration with UNICO — who are pioneering non-fungible tokens and collectibles on the EOS blockchain.


“UNICO is a ‘Collectibles as a Service’ dApp on the EOS blockchain. We enable digital content owners and creators (digital artists, photographers, etc) to turn their content into limited-edition, blockchain-certified digital collectibles and sell them.”

“Our platform can be released in White Label mode. This is turnkey solution yielding a great opportunity for strong digital market players (music majors, sports teams, etc.) to enter the booming collectibles market fast, under their own brand, and position themselves at the leading edge of digital innovation.”

Product Updates

Hex Capital has launched a new Token Origination & Distribution platform (Hex Crowdfunding), providing a dashboard which allows our clients to monitor and manage each aspect of their campaign.

The platform not only supports ERC-20 tokens but also supports token sales on the EOS blockchain.

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Sam Ameen
Sam Ameen
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