January 2024: Crypto Hits Mainstream

January 2024: Crypto Hits Mainstream

February 7, 2024

The recent debut of a spot Bitcoin ETF has the potential to bring about significant disruption in the world of finance. It is expected to attract a new generation of investors and asset allocators who have been awaiting regulated and accessible investment vehicles for cryptocurrencies. The narrative surrounding the ETF, coupled with the anticipation surrounding the 2024 Bitcoin halving sets the stage for what could be a transformative year for Bitcoin. At Hex Trust, we’re at the forefront of these exciting changes, offering innovative solutions and participating in key industry events to shape the future of digital assets.

In January's recap, we shine a spotlight on Hex Trust's active role in the ecosystem. Highlights include our CEO Alessio Quaglini’s insights shared at the World Economic Forum’s CRYPTO2030 panel in Davos, Switzerland, our impactful presence at the iFX Expo Dubai 2024, and our recognition with the Sinohope Annual Asset Management Partner Award in Hong Kong. We also showcase notable offerings such as Hex Safe for NFT custody, our integration with the XRP Ledger, and a partnership with Consensys’ MetaMask Institutional for DeFi portfolio management. These developments exemplify our commitment to innovation, security, and regulatory compliance in the digital asset space.


Insights from Davos: Global Crypto Regulations in Focus

During the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, our CEO, Alessio Quaglini, participated in the CRYPTO2030 event panel alongside industry professionals Yves La Rose, Mattia L. Rattaggi, and Guido Schmitz-Krummacher. The panel explored key topics include Switzerland's crypto regulation, the growth of the crypto industry in BRICS nations, the significance of offshore jurisdictions, and banking relationships within the crypto industry. The dialogue highlighted the critical role of regulation in the advancement of the Web3 space.

Hex Trust at iFX Expo Dubai: Connecting with Industry Leaders

At the iFX Expo Dubai 2024, a leading online trading expo, our Dubai team – Filippo Buzzi, Regional Director MENA, Geoff McAlister, Head of Markets, and Tracy Wu, VP Sales and Business Development – actively engaged with industry professionals. Leveraging their expertise in the digital assets and blockchain domain, they showcased Hex Trust's expertise. The event provided a valuable platform for us to expand our network, explore business opportunities, and stay abreast of the latest industry trends.

Webinar: Exploring the Future of Digital Assets

Inflection Point Intelligence, in line with its mission to make career-related education accessible globally, recently hosted a webinar featuring Filippo Buzzi, our MENA Regional Director, along with industry leaders Charles der Kinderen (The GCC Club), Oscar Orellana-Hyder (Cordell Partners), and Bryan Stirewal (EY) to discuss the future of digital assets. The webinar covered topics such as different free zones, digital assets in single-family offices, hedge funds, and private equity environments, as well as recruitment and lifestyle considerations. 

CryptoTV: Analyzing the Bitcoin ETF Impact

Geoff McAlister, MD and Head of Hex Trust Markets, participated in an episode on CryptoTV alongside Ornella Hernandez to offer insights about the Bitcoin ETF’s approval. Geoff explored its implications for the crypto industry and examined if it represents a significant advancement for the crypto industry. He discussed the accessibility and regulatory oversight provided by the ETF, but also highlighted the argument that it falls short in fully embracing the core principles and benefits of cryptocurrencies. The analysis adds a valuable perspective to the ongoing conversation surrounding the impact of the Bitcoin ETF approval.

Watch the full video here.


Introducing Hex Trust Markets Pulse: Your Weekly Market Update

Hex Trust Global Market is excited to relaunch our weekly market update, now named "Hex Trust Markets Pulse" (previously known as "The Hot Take"). This market update is curated by our Markets team in collaboration with our Marketing team, ensuring our community is well-informed about the latest developments in the digital asset space.

Follow us now on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Whatsapp to receive regular updates and have access to the latest market trends and analysis every Monday through Hex Trust Markets Pulse.

In this week's update, we covered crypto majors lacked direction, but BTC outperformed. Altcoins FLR, RNDR, LINK broke out; RON, PYTH, TAO hit new highs. S&P 500 rose with strong tech earnings. US$ gained momentum, impacting risk assets.

To access this week's Market Pulse update, visit the following links:

TwitterLinkedIn | Whatsapp

Recognition: Hex Trust Receives Sinohope Partner Award 

Hex Trust received the 2023 Annual Asset Management Partner Award at the SINOHOPE 2023 Partners Conference held early January in Hong Kong. The conference provided a platform for industry leaders to share experiences and establish partnerships with a focus on the rapid development of the Web3 domain, featuring initiatives like the tokenization of green bonds and the Digital Hong Kong Dollar experiment. Hex Trust was recognized for its contributions to the industry and our efforts in advancing the digital asset industry.

Hex Safe: Advancing NFT Custody in a Changing Landscape

Hex Trust's NFT custody service, Hex Safe, provides a secure, compliant, and user-accessible solution for managing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Integrated with MetaMask Institutional, Hex Safe offers a reliable platform for accessing decentralized applications (dApps). By leveraging Hex Trust's expertise, individuals and businesses can confidently participate in the NFT ecosystem, mitigating risks and ensuring the safekeeping of their digital assets.

Contact enquiries(at)hextrust.com to learn more and get started with Hex Safe.

Learn more about what Hex Safe can offer for your NFTs here.

XRP Ledger Integration: Hex Trust Enhances Offerings

Hex Trust has announced its integration with the XRP Ledger (XRPL), a decentralized blockchain network known for its speed, efficiency, and reliability. This partnership allows Hex Trust to enhance its user experience by utilizing the features and benefits provided by the XRPL ecosystem. The XRPL is a versatile blockchain that supports various services and use cases, including payments, decentralized finance, and tokenization. With transaction speeds as fast as 3-5 seconds and low transaction costs, XRPL offers efficiency and scalability. Through the integration, Hex Trust clients gain access to the native digital asset XRP, support for other tokens, including NFTs, and the ability to make partial payments and integrate raw transactions

Hex Trust has a strong relationship with Ripple and has participated in several projects and engagements with the leading provider of enterprise blockchain and crypto solutions, and a key contributing community member behind XRPL technology upgrades within the digital asset industry. 

For more information and opportunities regarding XRP tokens, contact Hex Trust at enquiries(at)hextrust.com.

Read more about the integration here.

Product Updates: January 2024 

As we navigate 2024, Hex Trust is continuously making progress in both our product development and overall user experience. We understand the importance of offering a secure and reliable custodial service, and we are steadfastly focused on developing innovative features and functionalities. In January, we introduced several enhancements, including WalletConnect for seamless wallet integration, the Smart Contract Command Centre (SCCC) for advanced smart contract management, and support for Celestia staking and Dymension. These additions prioritize secure custody solutions, user accessibility, and regulatory compliance.

Read the full update here.

Hex Trust & Metamask Institutional: DeFi Portfolio Integration

Hex Trust has partnered with MetaMask Institutional (MMI) to enhance DeFi portfolio management for institutional clients. This integration enables Hex Trust users to securely access over 17,000 DeFi applications through the MMI extension on the Hex Safe dashboard, expanding MMI's custodial integrations. This strategic partnership is set to enhance institutional participation in the Web3 token economy by providing secure custody, precise transaction authorization, and strict regulatory compliance, empowering institutions to confidently participate in DeFi protocols. Hex Trust’s participation in the Consensys Early Adopters Program, offering a 30-day trial period for a limited number of clients to experience the integrated solution, exemplifies our commitment to bringing cutting-edge solutions to the forefront of digital asset management. MetaMask Institutional, an institution-compliant version of the popular MetaMask Web3 wallet, together with Consensys, a leading Ethereum software company that enables the development of next-generation applications and access to the decentralized web, highlights this integration’s potential to transform institutional engagement in DeFi

Learn more about our integration with MMI here

Till next time. 

The Hex Trust team

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