Introduction to Hex Trust Markets: Seize Opportunities in Digital Assets

Introduction to Hex Trust Markets: Seize Opportunities in Digital Assets

October 18, 2023

Hex Trust Markets (HTM) offers clients products and services to facilitate seamless access to the Digital Asset markets. Here’s a high level overview and TLDR:

  • Licensed Services under Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA). The license enables virtual asset services for institutional clients and sophisticated investors
  • Global Trading Team with dedicated client support providing 24/7 trading coverage
  • OTC Trading Solutions across 500+ Digital Assets, including Structured Sales / Purchase programmes to optimise across Price, Time Horizon, and Market Impact, employing proprietary execution algorithms to support tailored execution strategies.
  • Deep liquidity and broad access across the Digital Asset Markets
  • Treasury/ALM solutions for Crypto Treasury/Asset Management including financing and yield solutions
  • Risk Management solutions to support corporate treasury risk management requirements
  • Fiat Solutions including on-ramp/off-ramp and accounts

Diving deeper — What is HTM?

HTM provides clients a secure and regulated environment to access opportunities with cryptocurrencies, fiat, tokenized assets, NFTs, and more.

HTM offers a wide range of services including trading, OTC, fiat solutions, connectivity to DeFi, liquidity management, risk management solutions, treasury management, financing, and yield solutions.

What services does HTM provide?

OTC Trading Desk: Maximizing Liquidity & Minimizing Slippage 

Our dedicated trading team is available 24/7, enabling users to access over 500 tokens for a seamless trading experience. HTM also offers fiat on/off-ramp solutions, enabling easy conversion between cryptocurrencies and fiat. HTM ensures deep liquidity and allows users to trade directly from their custodial wallets with Hex Trust. Additionally, HTM offers bespoke execution strategies including sophisticated algorithms with a variety of parameters to cater to individual trading needs.

Fiat Solutions: Secure Fiat Transactions

Facilitating fiat transactions through its strong on/off-ramp capabilities, HTM ensures segregated client account services and secure fiat transfers to verified third parties. This feature enhances the convenience and security of trading fiat currencies within the digital asset ecosystem.

Liquidity: Access Multiple Pools and Providers 

By providing connectivity to multiple exchanges, decentralized pools, OTC liquidity providers, and block deals, HTM offers a comprehensive liquidity management solution. This ensures that users can access diverse liquidity sources, optimizing their trading strategies and minimizing slippage.

Risk Management Solutions: Mitigate Various Risks 

At HTM, we understand the importance of secure trading experiences. Our risk management solutions aim to mitigate various risks such as counterparty risks, settlement risks, market risks, liquidity risks, and DeFi risks. By addressing these potential challenges, we provide enhanced security and peace of mind to institutional investors.

Treasury Management, Financing, and Yield Solutions: Empowering Institutions 

We offer a range of structured solutions to support treasury management, financing, and yield generation for institutions. Clients can streamline their treasury operations using extensive wallet management features while safeguarding their assets in the bank-grade custody platform. HTM also provides tailored treasury solutions, institutional access to liquidity, diversification options, fiat on/off-ramp services, and hedging solutions. Additionally, our competitive yield rates allow users to earn attractive returns on their fiat and stable assets. We also enable borrowing against digital assets, providing working capital facilities, collateral portfolio financing, and bridge financing options to our clients.

Recognizing the Importance of Security in DeFi

In the rapidly evolving DeFi space, security is paramount. DeFi protocols operate on blockchain networks, allowing for the decentralized execution of financial transactions and the creation of innovative financial products. However, this introduces new risks, such as smart contract vulnerabilities, hacking attempts, and malicious actors. HTM recognizes the significance of security and employs specific DeFi trading strategies to safeguard assets, mitigating the risks associated with the DeFi ecosystem.

Trading Desk Insights and Customized Portfolio Analytics: Empowering Decision-Making

HTM offers valuable market insights through its daily distribution of ‘The Hot Take. This note provides a deep dive into the latest news and developments within the digital assets and financial markets. Additionally, HTM provides custom-made portfolio reports leveraging multi-chain data analytics and research platforms. These reports enable clients to gain in-depth reviews of their digital assets and trading pairs of interest, facilitating informed decision-making.

Navigate the Digital Assets Markets with Confidence

HTM is transforming the digital asset trading landscape by providing secure and customized solutions for institutional investors. Our OTC trading desk, fiat solutions, liquidity management, risk management features, and structured solutions empower institutions to navigate the digital asset space with confidence. We offer guidance, insights, and customized portfolio analytics that enhance the decision-making processes for our clients.

As the market continues to evolve, HTM stands at the forefront, providing a comprehensive and secure trading environment for institutional investors in the digital asset markets. 

Ready to Seize Opportunities in Digital Assets? 

Schedule a free consultation on how HTM can help you seize opportunities in digital assets. Reach out to us via email at


This material is not directed to or construed as solicitation or advertising to any person in any jurisdiction where (by reason of that person's nationality, residence or otherwise) the publication or availability of this material is prohibited by any law. This material is not intended for any use that would be contrary to local law or regulation. Products or services mentioned in this material are subject to legal and regulatory requirements in applicable jurisdictions and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, HTM and its associated entities are not licensed with the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission or any other regulatory authority in Hong Kong. Accordingly, persons are required to inform themselves of and observe such laws which are in force in their jurisdictions. 

Nothing in this material is intended as a recommendation or an offer or solicitation for the purchase of any digital asset, security or financial instrument, to enter into a transaction involving any digital asset, security, financial instrument or trading strategy, or as an official confirmation or valuation of any transaction mentioned in these materials. We make no commitment to transact at any particular price or at all, now, or in the future. These materials are informational only and do not bind us or any other entity or person in any way. You should not construe the content of any material provided as accounting, financial, legal, tax or other advice, and you should consult your own attorney, financial advisor, tax advisor, accountant or other advisor as to legal, financial, tax, accounting and other matters.

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