Introducing the Enhanced Hex Safe:  Where Security Meets Flexibility and Connectivity

Introducing the Enhanced Hex Safe: Where Security Meets Flexibility and Connectivity

November 29, 2023

We are pleased to announce the recent upgrade of Hex Safe, which introduces a variety of new features and improved connectivity to the Web3 ecosystem. This is an overview of the enhancements that can be expected from this upgrade and what lies ahead.

What is new in Hex Safe?

This version is an enhancement of our core custody platform Hex Safe, which is designed to cater to institutional players seeking reliable custody solutions. The platform has been refreshed to meet the growing demand for a secure and dependable solution to participate in the decentralized economy.

Hex Safe places a strong emphasis on maintaining security and compliance while providing users with access to over 17,000 decentralized applications (dApps). To achieve this, we have integrated with MetaMask Institutional (MMI) and our upcoming proprietary wallet solution, users can securely access dApps without compromising security and compliance. We are actively developing the necessary tools for enhanced Web3 connectivity, with the aim of establishing a prominent presence in the industry. This integration lays the foundation for a seamless and secure user experience, unlocking new possibilities in the Web3 ecosystem. Let’s explore the enhanced features and functionality of Hex Safe’s v2 release.

Enhanced Features and Functionality of Hex Safe v2

Hex Safe now introduces several key enhancements that provide users with greater control and flexibility over their digital assets:

Web3 Connectivity via Institutional-Grade Wallet Extensions

  • Streamline the process of managing digital assets across different platforms by connecting your Hex Safe accounts to institutional-grade wallet extensions. 

EVM & Cosmos compatibility

  • Utilize your digital assets across EVM and Cosmos blockchains to access various dApps built on the leading Web3 protocol standards.

Multi-Entity setups

  • Enterprise capabilities allow institutional clients to have a multi-entity setup and seamlessly switch between multiple entities without needing different login credentials

Programmable operations with APIs

  • Fully documented APIs enable safe and seamless management and movement of digital assets. Programmatic and automated processes streamline operations, empowering institutions to securely handle assets under custody with ease.

Integration with MetaMask Institutional:

  • Hex Safe v2 integrates with the institutional-grade wallet extension MetaMask Institutional, providing access to over 17,000 dApps for secure DeFi governance, voting, and staking.

Balance of Security and Scalability:

  • Military-grade infrastructure ensures the security of your transactions in an air-gapped environment while sustaining high transaction throughput.

Increased Flexibility to Manage Your Assets:

  • Manage your digital assets with our remodeled Enterprise Account Structure to comply with different jurisdictions’ regulatory frameworks.

Configurable Transaction Policies:

  • An enhanced policy engine allows users to set customized transaction policies at safe account and enterprise levels.

Native Approver App:

  • An iOS and Android app for transaction approvals according to defined approval policies, enabling on-the-go functionality.

Speed-Up Transactions:

  • Initiate withdrawals 24/7 with a 2-hour SLA for cold wallets and near-instant processing for warm wallets, maintaining a high level of security.

Linea Integration: 

  • Using our MMI integration, you can seamlessly interact with Linea Blockchain through your custodial wallet.

What’s next?

Our commitment to providing the best custody experience doesn't end with the enhancements of Hex Safe. We have an ambitious roadmap ahead, which includes further improvements and integrations driven by user feedback and emerging industry trends. If there are any suggestions or feedback, please reach out to us as these are valuable in shaping the future development of our platform.

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