Celestia’s Inception: A deep dive into Celestia including Hex Trust’s custody and staking services for TIA

Celestia’s Inception: A deep dive into Celestia including Hex Trust’s custody and staking services for TIA

October 12, 2023

Celestia’s Inception 

Celestia stands as the pioneering modular blockchain network, introducing novel concepts to the blockchain landscape. It operates on a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism and incorporates an accessible Data Availability (DA) layer. The DA layer allows networks to leverage Celestia for posting their data, eliminating the need to store and verify data on their own chains. A notable innovation introduced by Celestia is the concept of a technical 'stack' in blockchain network construction. This allows networks to rely on specialized networks within the ecosystem to efficiently fulfill specific functions by outsourcing key operations. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) is seamlessly integrated into Celestia, promoting inherent interoperability. Networks utilizing Celestia as part of their stack can effortlessly communicate with other components while posting their data to Celestia. This modular paradigm is expected to facilitate a new era of interconnected blockchain utilities that mutually support each other's technical requirements, reducing dependence on isolated systems.

Scalability Implication

The growth of blockchain networks has long been hindered by scalability limitations. Particularly, the expansion of an individual chain is constrained by its state bloat, which burdens the verification process of posted data against the chain's ledger. However, Celestia offers a solution by enabling the posting of data to a separate service-oriented chain, effectively addressing data availability. This means that dependent chains or roll ups no longer need to store their own state and can seamlessly post sequenced transactions to Celestia, which takes care of confirming the existence of the data.

Unlocking Modularity

Celestia's introduction of a modular blockchain architecture transforms the conventional approach of building an entire network within a single chain. This innovative approach addresses scalability challenges and coordination issues faced by teams aiming to develop and support all network components. By leveraging the Data Availability (DA) layer, Celestia streamlines the verification process. Contributions from a party of contributors ensure light verifiability of data posted to the Celestia base layer. This approach, employing statistical logic and clusters of light nodes, surpasses the inefficiency of the monolithic paradigm.

Source: Celestia.org

Use Cases

The stack-based blockchain architecture facilitates the abstraction of components necessary for data availability, settlement, and execution. This enables separate teams to specialize in developing specific solutions for each aspect of the blockchain architecture, leveraging the advantages of a modular stack. Consequently, teams can efficiently focus on constructing

utility implementations while efficiently meeting the diverse requirements of running settlement architecture.

Enhanced Scalability and Innovation

Celestia's architecture significantly reduces the resources needed to establish utility instances, enabling rapid deployment. For instance, lightweight rollups with minimal technical overhead can swiftly be built around any application using Rollkit. These rollups can seamlessly post data to Celestia, eliminating scalability barriers that impede innovation within the blockchain space. This creates a foundation for high-paced builder space, driving continuous advancements and breakthroughs.

The Token Mechanics

While comprehensive details about the Celestia token (TIA) remain undisclosed, its construction around the Tendermint SDK suggests the implementation of a standardized staking approach for token holders. Delegation to staking service providers, responsible for validating transactions posted by light nodes on the Celestia blockchain, will likely be a key feature. TIA will serve as a means for participating in the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus and earning rewards.

Celestia’s Team

Celestia has a team of skilled blockchain developers experienced in Ethereum, Cosmos, and Harmony. Led by CEO Mustafa Al-Bassam and CTO Ismail Khoffi, they bring expertise in hacktivism, distributed computing, and blockchain management. COO Nick White, a Harmony co-founder, provides valuable leadership. Their mission is to enhance blockchain security, scalability, and self-sovereignty. They empower global communities to thrive autonomously, free from existing power structures. Celestia's team is committed to building a more secure, scalable, and decentralized future.

Hex Trust’s Involvement 

Hex Trust has closely monitored the progress of Celestia from its inception and recognizes the potential of its modular blockchain architecture. As a trusted infrastructure provider and the sole licensed custodian in APAC and MVP Operational License holder for custody and staking (Dubai VARA) in the Middle East to support Celestia’s Mainnet Launch, we are committed to delivering exceptional support beyond the mainnet launch.

As part of its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the digital asset ecosystem, Hex Trust will offer custody services for Celestia's token (TIA) through its proprietary institutional-grade platform, Hex Safe. Hex Safe is designed to meet the security requirements of institutional clients, including digital asset protocols, foundations, financial institutions, and the Web3 ecosystem. 

Staking with Hex Trust Markets

In addition to its custodial services, Hex Trust has taken a step further in supporting the Celestia network by running a validator node. This validator node enables Hex Trust's clients to access staking services for Celestia's token ($TIA) via Hex Trust Markets (HTM). Through staking, users can actively contribute to the network’s security and consensus mechanisms while earning staking rewards right from the token generation event (TGE). The infrastructure also offers support for staking vesting TIA tokens. This initiative demonstrates Hex Trust's commitment to facilitating client engagement within the Celestia ecosystem. 

Hex Trust's corporate development and strategic investment arm, Hex Trust Growth, proudly supports Celestia Labs and aims to extend its assistance to the mainnet launch. With a full suite of custody and staking services, Hex Trust ensures that institutional clients have access to secure custody solutions and opportunity to stake their Celestia tokens. By offering staking services, Hex Trust is actively promoting network participation and incentivizing users to contribute to the growth and security of the Celestia blockchain.

Explore staking opportunities for your Celestia tokens ($TIA) with Hex Trust by reaching out to our team at enquiries@hextrust.com. We are happy to discuss how we can support your staking needs and help you maximize the benefits of participating in the Celestia network.


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