Press Kit

Brand Assets

The Hex Trust logo

This is the full Hex Trust logo. It is composed of the stacked logo mark, and the logotype set in Founders Grotesk Semibold.

The logo mark

Our logo mark consists of three stacked overlapping diamond shapes. It is used for small placements, such as favicon, and social media profiles.

Logo safe margins

A sufficient amount of space should be given around the logo and the logo mark on all sides. The edges should not touch any other elements or the boundaries of the design. This gives breathing room for the logo to be read.


Logos can be in blue: #123461 or white: #FFFFFF.
Use the blue colored versions of the logos on white or light backgrounds. Use the white coloured versions of the logos on darker backgrounds.

Logos can be placed on one colored, gradients or photography backgrounds. Logos should not be used with low contrast or busy backgrounds.
Do not stretch, rotate, or change the logos.

Get our brand assets:

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