Flare Time Series Oracle Signal Provider

The most trusted and secure Songbird signal provider. Delegate $SGB and earn rewards with Hex Trust.

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Fee: 20%

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About Hex Trust

Hex Trust is one of the first licensed digital asset custodians to participate in the Songbird Network as an FTSO, securing the protocol by giving accurate pricing feeds to the network.

About FTSOs

The Songbird network has a built-in system called the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO), which allows signal providers to submit price data to the Songbird network and receive rewards if their estimates meet certain quality criteria.

About $SGB Delegation

Songbird’s Network rewards $SGB holders for participating in securing the network through vote delegation. Anyone that holds SGB can delegate their token vote to an existing FTSO like Hex Trust to accrue additional SGB reward tokens, as a form of passive income.