Digital Asset Custody Services - lending and staking, safekeeping, clearing and settlement, markets

Custody Services for Digital Assets

Designed with an institutional mindset to provide highly secure, bank-grade and compliant solutions for digital asset custody and servicing.

What we do

Infrastructure Solutions for Digital Assets

Hex Trust offers bank-grade custody solutions for digital assets, which provides a state-of-the-art security framework delivered in partnership with IBM, seamless integration with core banking systems and comprehensive insurance coverage.

Digital Asset Custody and Safekeeping Assets - Bitcoin, Crypto, Security Tokens, Ethereum

Custody Services

Our custody solution, Hex Safe, has been designed with a multi-layered architecture to deliver the highest degree of security for the assets held in custody.

  • Market Leading Technology
  • Full Auditability
  • Deployment Flexibility

Clearing & Settlement Services

Hex Clear provides secure, straight-through, real-time and near risk-free clearing and settlement. All settlements are performed on-chain to provide the highest degree of transparency and auditability.

  • On-chain Settlement
  • Asset Servicing
  • API's and SWIFT/FIX messaging
Digtial Asset Custody Clearing and Settlement Services
Secure Lending and Staking Services within Digital Asset Custody

Lending & Staking Services

Secure integration with digital asset lending and borrowing platforms and access staking functionalities within our custody.

  • Generate additional returns on your digital assets
  • Stake your assets and access lending platforms while your assets are safe in our custody
  • Interest is paid directly to your Hex Custody wallets to minimize risks and reduce transactions

Markets Services

Hex Markets provides an end-to-end trading solution, allowing our custody clients to connect to liquidity providers and facilitating the settlement process.

  • Integrated trade execution service directly from wallets within Hex Custody
  • Best execution across deep liquidity pools through market leading liquidity providers
  • Friendly user interface allows multiple streams of pricing data, positions, and account information
Trading and Markets services within Digital Asset Custody

Issuance Services

Hex Issuer Hub is an end-to-end token issuance platform that allows to manage multiple issuance projects and that covers the entire lifecycle of digital tokens.

  • Multi-user, multi-project support to manage numerous tokenization projects
  • Provides screening workflows for both individuals and institutions
  • Custom smart contract design for token generation and distribution, supports several blockchain protocols and standards, e.g. Ethereum, Tezos, & Corda

All of our offerings are delivered end-to-end through Hex Safe

Our Technology

Hex Safe is our proprietary infrastructure platform and is developed completely in-house by seasoned technologists and world-class software engineers. The technology is build around six core pillars to ensure it meets the most rigorous of processes:

  • Security
  • Robustness
  • Resilience
  • Compliance
  • Interoperability
  • Scalability
Digital Asset Custody Hex Trust - Hex Safe Platform

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