Lending & Staking

Secure integration with digital asset lending/borrowing platforms and access staking functionalities within our custody.

Secure lending, borrowing and staking services within digital asset custody

Generate Additional Returns

From the safety of your Hex Safe custody account, our clients can select the lending, borrowing and staking platforms they want to access.

  • Generate additional returns by lending your digital assets and receiving interest
  • Borrow funds using your digital assets as collateral
  • Access unique wealth management products specifically designed for digital assets
  • Safely and securely access the DeFi world without having to worry about security risks
  • Access our trusted relationships and best deals with the industry's leading platforms
Seamless access to lending and staking services within digital asset custody for crypto, bitcoin and ethereum

Seamless Access

Secure integration with the industry's leading DeFi platforms.

Our Hex Safe custody platform integrates with multiple lending, borrowing and staking partners and platforms via API, providing our clients with seamless and secure access to the DeFi world.

Our secure integrations ensure you don't have to worry about on-boarding to new platforms or dealing with any additional transactions and integrations yourself.

Returns and interest are paid directly to your Hex Custody wallets ensuring a smooth and seamless process for our clients.

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