Digital Asset Custody Clients for Cryptocurrencies

Our Clients

Hex Trust provides digital asset custody services for banks, financial institutions, exchanges, asset managers and brokers across Asia and Europe.

Who we serve

The Digital Asset Infrastructure for Financial Institutions

Hex Trust works with institutional clients who require enterprise platforms and services for the custody of digital assets, including support for enterprise workflows, sub-accounts, transaction control limits, address whitelisting and other institutional-grade features.

Digtial Asset Custody for Banks and Financial Institutions


Our custody solution is designed to meet the complex compliance frameworks of highly regulated banking institutions.

  • Strict segregation of duty and customized bank-grade workflows
  • Compliance focused with integrated enterprise AML/CTF tools, whitelisting, and reporting capabilities
  • Seamless integration and interoperability with core legacy systems and technology
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Our custody platform is designed to provide a range of hot and cold wallet solutions to meet exchanges' accessibility and security needs for the widest range of digital assets.

  • Flexible wallet options with any assets on demand; cold and warm wallets with the highest level of security and immediate access times
  • Support for over 100+ digital assets including cryptocurrencies and security tokens
  • Fully licenced and comprehensive insurance coverage
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Digital Asset Custody for Exchanges - Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Security Tokens
Digital Asset Custody for Asset Management Firms

Asset Managers

Our custody solutions are designed for asset managers so they can focus on managing their funds instead of worrying about how to safely secure, access, and trade their digital assets.

  • Integrated with deep liquidity providers allowing our clients to trade assets within our custody
  • Immediately access your assets with the highest levels of security to ensure trading opportunities aren't missed
  • Fully licenced and insured to ensure you meet the most rigorous regulatory requirements
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Our platform enables brokers and liquidity providers to store and trade digital assets on behalf of their clients. Working with Hex Trust, ensures you can trade on multiple platforms and segregate assets for different business and client operations.

  • Immediate trade and settlement with liquidity providers
  • Customizable roles and accessibility functionalities to seamlessly integrate into business operations
  • Flexibility of hot and cold wallets with maximum security and accessibility
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Digital Asset Custody for Brokers - Crypto, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin

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