Hex Safe

Bank-Grade Platform for Managing Digital Assets

Hex Safe is a bank-grade platform for securing and managing digital assets.
It is designed with a compliance-first approach, the highest level of security, and scalability for high transaction volumes.

The 6 Pillars of Our Bank-grade Platform


Designed to provide multi-tier defenses aligned to industry- standard frameworks


Designed to perform securely under unexpected circumstances, such as chain-specific events or protocol changes.


Incorporating compliance tools for clients to comply with local and international requirements.


Ability to increase transactions per second by adding further hardware resources.


Specifically engineered to achieve interoperability with other platforms or infrastructures.


Maintaining an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.

Hex Safe Features

A platform designed to meet institutional requirements, built in partnership with IBM.


On-chain segregation of assets for independently auditable records.


Flexible sub-account and wallet structure provides highest-level security and full transparency.

Bank-grade Workflows

Full segregation of roles and responsibilities, eliminating any single point of failure.

Multi-wallet Infrastructure

Cold and warm wallets for flexible configuration mapped to your requirements.

Transaction policies

Allocated transaction rules across users, wallets, transactions and hierarchical roles.

Integrated compliance

Best in class compliance capabilities, ensuring all-time compliance.

Connectivity interfaces

Full custody and settlement APIs and SWIFT/FIX interface for seamless integrations.

Market-leading security

IBM LinuxOne Hardware Secure Module (HSM) with FIPS 140-2 Level 4 Certification.

Guaranteed Security for your Digital Assets

The multi-wallet architecture on Hex Safe guarantees the security of your digital assets using cryptographic encryption, immutable workflows, consensus-based approval mechanisms, role-based governance protocols, and multi-layered physical security.

Access Time

Security Features


Secured through distributed shared secrets with an m/n authorization scheme


m/n consensus algorithm with key sharding, and no keys stored on a server


Multi-authorization with offline cold storage

< 4 hours

m/n consensus algorithm with key sharding, and keys kept in a secure vault

Best-in-Class Compliance Capabilities

Hex Safe ensures regulatory compliance, using comprehensive analytics tools and processes.

Address whitelisting to conduct transactions with verified entities.
Quarantine for receiving and clearing funds.
Proof of ownership for received funds using proprietary AML tools
Origin of funds verified using blockchain analytics providers.
Customizable risk scoring to automate compliance processes.
Dedicated Interface and API access for compliance user role

Flexible Deployment Options

Full Custody

We provide end-to-end services including customer onboarding, management for all digital asset services, compliance procedures, and security processes.


Our solution is deployed on-premise within your own infrastructure, offering the highest degree of flexibility, adapting to your processes and organizational structures.

Custody as a Service

A hybrid model that allows you to operate and retain full control of your digital assets without requiring a full on-premise implementation and integration.

Access the
Hex Trust Advantage

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