Hex Safe

Your Bank-Grade Platform for Managing Digital Assets

Hex Safe is a bank-grade platform for securing and managing digital assets. It is designed with a compliance-first approach, the highest level of security, and scalability for high transaction volumes.

Where security meets flexibility and connectivity

Your bridge to Web3 connectivity

Integration with institutional-grade wallet extensions such as MetaMask Institutional to access 17,000+ dApps without compromising on security and compliance

Flexibly manage your assets while complying with regulations

Manage your digital assets with our remodeled Enterprise Account Structure to cope with different jurisdictions’ regulatory frameworks

Configurable transaction policies

An enhanced policy engine allows users to set customised transaction policies at safe account and enterprise levels

Balance of utmost security and scalability

Military-grade infrastructure implemented to ensure your transactions are secured in an air-gapped environment, while sustaining 1000s of transactions per second

Speed-up your transactions

Initiate withdrawals 24/7 with 2-hour SLA for cold wallets and near instant for warm wallets while maintaining highest level of security

Approve on the move

On-the-go iOS and Android app for transaction approvals as per defined approval policies

Web3 Connectivity with MetaMask Institutional

Bridge the gap to a decentralised future with the MMI extension on Hex Safe

Web3 & DeFi connectivity

EVM-focused and custody-specific

Access to 17,000+ dApps

Why MetaMask Institutional? 

Streamline your DeFi investment process 

Users can connect with dApps and initiate/confirm transactions directly from Hex Safe wallets

Secure interactions with dApps 

The private keys used to interact with dApps are securely stored by Hex Trust

Mitigate risk with flexible transaction policies

Users can apply Transaction Authorisation Policies and bespoke rules to authorize specific individuals to perform transactions subject to certain limits, selected dApps, smart contracts and more

Hex Safe Features

A platform designed to meet the strictest of institutional requirements


On-chain segregation of assets for independently auditable records

Multi-wallet infrastructure

Cold and warm wallets for flexible configuration tailored to your needs

Integrated compliance

Best-in-class compliance capabilities, for continuous regulatory adherence

Market-leading security

Securosys Primus X200 HSM,
FIPS Level 3 Certified

Multi-enterprise account structure

Flexible Safe accounts and wallet structure provides highest-level security and full transparency

Bank-grade workflows

Full segregation of roles and responsibilities, eliminating any single point of failure

Transaction policy engine

Customisable transaction rules across users, wallets, transactions and hierarchical roles

Guaranteed Security for your Digital Assets

The multi-wallet architecture on Hex Safe guarantees the security of your digital assets using cryptographic encryption, immutable workflows, consensus-based approval mechanisms, role-based governance protocols, and multi-layered physical security.

Access Time

Security Features

Warm+ Wallet

Optimizing Instant Liquidity without Compromising Security


0-out-of-n approval quorum; HSM with Data diodes

Warm Wallet

Secured through distributed shared secrets with an m/n authorization scheme

Near instant

M-out-of-n approval quorum;  HSM with Data diodes

Cold Wallet

Multi-authorization with offline cold storage

< 2 hours

M-out-of-n approval quorum; Authorization Quorum by Hex Trust’s Operations Team;  HSM with Data diodes

The Foundation of Our Bank-grade Platform


Designed to provide multi-tier defenses aligned to industry-standard frameworks.


Designed to perform securely under unexpected circumstances, such as chain-specific events or protocol changes.


Incorporating compliance tools for clients to cope with local and international requirements.


Ability to generate up to 70,000 wallets per minute.


Specifically engineered to achieve interoperability with other platforms or infrastructures.


Maintaining a satisfactory level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.

Best-in-Class Compliance Capabilities

Hex Safe ensures regulatory compliance, using comprehensive analytics tools and processes.

Address whitelisting to conduct transactions with verified entities.
Quarantine for receiving and clearing funds.
Origin of funds screened using blockchain analytics providers.
Customizable risk scoring to automate compliance processes.
Dedicated interface and API access for compliance user role

Get Access to Hex Safe

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