To All Centralized Exchanges

Custody Fee Waiver

The FTX debacle has shown that now more than ever, transparency and security must take the highest priority for everyone in the industry.

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Licensed Custody Services
for All Centralized Exchanges

Hex Trust is stepping in to help restore confidence in the digital asset industry at this critical juncture. We are waiving custodial service fees for all Exchanges that wish to follow the same path of transparency and verifiable real-time on-chain asset segregation as proof of reserves.

Full protection of clients’ assets

Hex Trust is an independent institutional-grade digital asset custodian that ensures the full protection of our clients’ assets.
This means that no matter what happens in the market:
  • The custodian or its creditors, is never the owner of the clients’ assets
  • Clients’ assets are legally and technologically segregated from the Custodian’s assets 
  • Clients’ assets cannot be used by the custodian for any purpose other than what the client instructs 
  • Clients’ assets can be monitored on-chain and withdrawn any time
  • Clients’ assets are covered by insurance 

We are committed to full licensing across global financial hubs 


Capital Markets Service (CMS) Custody License in Singapore

Hong Kong

Trust Ordinance
Trust Company license 
Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP)  license

Dubai / UAE

Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority
Virtual Assets MVP license

EU (Italy)

Bank of Italy
OAM registration
With a licensed custodian, clients can be confident that we conform to the local applicable rules, having been through an extensive and ongoing licensing process. Independent registration, licensing and ongoing oversight by local Regulators ensures the licensed services are in compliance with the applicable laws, whether for KYC/AML or for the products and services offered by the custodian.

10 Foundational Principles
of a Digital Asset Custodian


Asset segregation

Clients’ assets are always kept legally and technologically segregated from its own.


Flexible Approvals

Approval methodologies designed to match clients’ preferences regarding segregation of duties, transaction limits & approval types.


Tailored Client Support

Provide client support tailored to clients’ needs and business model. 


Extensive Reviews 

Value-added services are subject to extensive internal reviews.


Bank-grade Processes

Robust bank-grade processes to safeguard clients’ assets, supplemented by insurance safety. 


Third-party Due Diligence

Detailed due diligence process for third-party providers before appointment. 


Applicable Regulation

Licensed custodians conform to local applicable rules, having been through an extensive and ongoing licensing process. 


Internal & External Risk Management

An in-house team of risk management & security specialists to analyze and assess internal and external risks. 


Flexible Wallet Options

Different wallet options and account structures to hold client assets tailored to clients’ business model & operations.


Robust Contingency Measures

Maintain business continuity even if its principal business location is unavailable due to natural disaster, power outage, or other force majeure incidents. 

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Restore Confidence. Build for the Future. Together.

Hex Trust never compromises on security, compliance, risk management, or governance. Now is the time for strong players in the industry to act and lead. We hope to join forces with other players that hold the same morale of transparency and integrity, to help bring everyone safely into the next cycle of this industry. 

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