Get to Know Our Head of Platform & Infrastructure: Aaron Baideme

Get to Know Our Head of Platform & Infrastructure: Aaron Baideme

September 9, 2022

Hi Aaron, welcome to the Hex Trust team! Can you tell our community a bit about yourself?

Hi :) I’ve been involved in web application development and software engineering for 10+ years now. I’m originally from the United States - grew up in Nebraska (the very center, and a very flat state) but moved to New York City for university. I lived in New York for ten years before moving to Asia Pacific. I lived in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and now Hong Kong.

While originally working in digital consulting and agency firms like PwC, Deloitte, Publicis Groupe - I’ve moved in-house the past few years and shifted from full-stack development to infrastructure and DevOps engineering.

What initially got you interested in the digital assets ecosystem?‍

My passions have never really been focused around finance, trading, or “fintech” but I’ve become very interested in Web3 as a new decentralised technology ecosystem to connect to an increasingly globalised world. Exploring how digital assets: cryptocurrency - decentralised blockchain node infrastructure - NFTs can help grow and cultivate a thriving new digital ecosystem is, in my opinion, the entry point!

What was it about Hex Trust which made you want to join the team?

Really enjoy the team vibe and work culture. In addition, Hex Trust is not just a simple cryptocurrency market/exchange company but instead is invested in several facets of blockchain/Web3 technology, from custodial services - marketplace - NFT gaming - etc.

You’re our Head of Platform & Infrastructure. To all the non-tech people out there, what does that mean, and what do you do?

Simple answer? Everything! Haha. 

As Head of Platform, my role is quite all-encompassing: I am responsible for activities, technologies, and resources around the build and operations of any of our platforms. Basically, it’s my responsibility to build cloud and on-premise systems that can host our software and also ensure that we can deliver upgrades from our engineering teams - route them through testing, security review, load testing, and finally deliver them safely to our production environments for access by our end users.

At the core, I focus on ensuring that we can deliver scalable, secure, and feature-rich iterations from our development team to our customers and clients.

What makes a ‘good product/platform’ in your opinion?

A good product is easy: something that adds value to the consumers of said product. Anything that adds value to our lives is a good product, and there are so many opportunities in the world to build and create value!

A good platform is what I live for. Platforms are where products grow, acquire users, and thrive - and a good platform needs to be scalable, resilient, redundant, secure, performant, and versatile. All of these are considered the top pillars of focus around what I do at Hex Trust.

What are you most excited about in blockchain today?

I think we’ve barely scratched the surface of what Web3 technologies can truly do for our society. I think there’s so much more to be discovered and so many use cases to expand upon. While I’m excited to see how NFTs have further pushed beyond just the simple cryptocurrencies, we saw in the past decade or so - I think that even these technologies can further evolve, allowing us to disrupt so many industries. Web3 can bring us together and hopefully help craft a more harmonious world where knowledge, power, and innovation exist for all who wish to grasp it.

Tell us something interesting that you do outside of work, and which not many people know about you!‍

I am very passionate about Hong Kong and especially the local music scene. I consistently work to advance my Cantonese skills, and I’m obsessed with local Hong Kong artists. I’ve had the opportunity to see Hins Cheung, Serrini, Tyson Yoshi, Per Se, Higgo Raj, Jay Fung, Prince Joyce, and Terrence Lam in concert! 

Finally, some quick-fire questions:

Beach, snow or city break? Snow.

Favorite fast food joint? Shake Shack.

Morning person or night owl? Both? I like naps from 6.30PM-8PM which allows me to work late and wake early :)

Favorite sports team? Dun care. I like sports, but I don’t pay attention to organized sporting.

Dogs or cats? Dogs.

Sweet or salted popcorn? Salted and heavily buttered.

Coffee or tea? Coffee by default. Hibiscus tea for my zen moments.

What scares you? Anxiety.

Favourite film? Recently: Everything, Everywhere, All At Once. In General: Ocean’s Eleven, Inception, Memoirs of a Geisha, Star Trek: First Contact, Infernal Affairs.

What would you eat for your last meal? Kraft Macaroni and Cheese… with Lobster.

Sam Ameen
Sam Ameen
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