Get to Know Our Head of Financing: Dario Capodici

Get to Know Our Head of Financing: Dario Capodici

November 7, 2022

Hi Dario, can you tell us about yourself? 

Love carbs, numbers, sports and puzzles.

What initially got you interested in the digital assets ecosystem?‍ 

Coming from a TradFi background, digital assets were always being looked at with interest since the blockchain can be a very powerful tool to address many inefficiencies legacy players keep having structural issues to address.

What was it about Hex Trust which made you want to join the team? 

I have always wanted a company that could give me the chance to build something from scratch, foster my entrepreneurial spirit and put to work all the skills and knowledge acquired during many years in traditional banking. When I joined Hex Trust, there was a strong need to build services and lines of business that could meet the demand coming from clients already using the company's flagship custody solution. Lending, borrowing and staking were a natural suite of services where there was strong demand from the ecosystem, and I was really thrilled to take up the challenge of building them from the ground up.

Tell us more about your role at Hex Trust. What does it mean to be Head of Financing?

Being head of Financing & Solutions means I have to constantly be creative in making new products and services that either meet or even anticipate customer needs. The role is very broad and fascinating since many things in crypto are new, untested and, sometimes they might not even exist. Creativity, problem-solving and a lot of team working are very important on a daily basis.

You spent many years working in traditional finance, what are the main differences you’ve noticed between the TradFi and Blockchain worlds?

For sure, a big difference is the approach and mindset. In TradFi, there is little if no room for innovation, and creativity is suffocated by long-established processes and dynamics that are, for the most part, impossible to change. On the other hand, in crypto, there is a constant need to invent, expand, look for the next big thing and to build rather than simply capture commercial flow.

What are you most excited about in blockchain today? 

The shift from a FOMO get-rich-quick mindset to a long-term approach in building tools will significantly impact people's daily lives not so far in the future.

Tell us something interesting that you do outside of work and which not many people know about you!‍ 

I am really passionate about the military, this is something I did not lose since my days in the Italian Army military school!

Finally, here are some quick-fire questions!

Morning person or night owl?

Night owl big time

Favourite sports team? 

AC Milan

Dogs or cats? 


Sweet or salted popcorn? 

Salted, not even sure sweet shall be called popcorn

Coffee or tea? 

I am Italian

What scares you? 


Favourite film? 

Top Gun

What would you eat for your last meal? 

Pizza, of course!

Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Neither. Clearpool & Polygon

Sam Ameen
Sam Ameen
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