Hex Issuer Hub is an end-to-end token issuance platform for a wide range of digital assets across mutiple blockchains.

Asset Tokenisation

Hex Issuer Hub allows you to manage multiple token issuance projects and that covers the entire lifecycle of digital assets.

  • Support for a broad range of token standards (ERC-20, ERC-1400, ST-20, Corda Token SDK)
  • Custom smart contract design for token structuring, generation and distribution
  • Support for the entire lifecycle of the digital token, including cap table management, asset servicing and redemption
  • Ability to digitize a wide variety of assets and financial instruments including bonds, fixed income, alternative investments, equities, etc.

Compliance Focused

Made possible by technology architecture built based on the principle of strict segregation of assets.

In particular, our platform provides tools to help our issues clients with the following:

  • Prove ownership and the source of digital assets and funds
  • Perform blockchain analytics to detect suspicious activities, illegal transactions and emerging threats from the dark web
  • Strict segregation of assets with the ability to crease multiple sub-accounts
  • Minimizes security breach risks and maintain an immutable audit trail of transactions on-chain, which is one of the most important features of blockchain-based solutions

Hex Issuer Hub Features

Mutli-Project Platform

Multi-user, multi-project support to manage numerous tokenization projects.

KYC / AML Capabilities

Provides screening workflows for both individuals and institutions.

Comprehensive Coverage

Provides screening workflows for institutions, whitelisting of investors, collection of investments, structuring, generation and distribution of tokens.


Integrated with Hex Custody to provide an end-to-end experience for issuers and investors, including automatic black / whitelisting functionalities.

Smart Contracts

Custom smart contract design for token generation and distribution, supports several blockchain protocols and standards, e.g. Ethereum, Tezos, & Corda.

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