Hex Trust's custody solutions are designed to meet the complex needs and rigorous compliance frameworks of highly regulated banking institutions.

Digital Asset Custody for Banks and Financial Institutions
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“Our goal is to offer regulated, but frictionless banking-grade digital assets cold storage to our clients, and this is why we teamed up with Hex Trust.”

— Hubert Buchel, Chief Markets Officer at Mason Privatbank Liechtenstein AG

State-of-the-art Technology

Customizable Workflows

Strict segregation of duties and customized bank-grade workflow across different groups and departments.

Market-leading Security

Geographically distributed physical vaults which include industry leading FIPS 140-2 Level 4 HSM, strict and dual control access rights and 24/7 monitoring.

On the cybersecurity front, we provide near-to-instant transactions with ZeroKey™, security in air gapped environments for our Cold and Frozen wallets, full encryption and distributed, offline backup of master keys.

Compliance focused Digital Asset Custody for Banks

Compliance Focused

We incorporate the strictest compliance processes and tools that allow our clients to comply with the latest financial regulations and requirements.

In particular, our solutions provide tools to help clients with the following:

  • Prove ownership and source of digital assets and funds
  • Perform blockchain analytics to detect suspicious activities, illegal transactions and emerging threats from the dark web
  • Compliance processes are made possible by technology architecture  built based on the principle of strict segregation of assets
  • Minimize security breach risks and maintain an immutable audit trail of transactions on-chain, one of the most important features of blockchain-based solutions
  • Integrated enterprise AML / CTF tools and address whitelisting features
  • Regulatory and internal reporting capabilities, plus customized reports for client-specific needs which comply with local regulations

The Six Core Pillars of our Technology


Hex Safe has been designed to provide multi-tier defences aligned to industry-standard frameworks.


Hex Safe has been designed from the ground-up to perform securely under unexpected circumstances, such as chain-specific events and protocol changes.


We measure resilience by considering how reactive our system is to provide and maintain an acceptable level of service in the face of faults and challenges to normal operation.


Hex Safe incorporates compliance processes and tools that allow our clients to comply with existing financial regulations, local and international compliance requirements and customer commitments.


The engineering process behind Hex Safe architecture is interoperable by design, with the specific intention of achieving interoperability with other platforms or financial services infrastructure providers.


Thanks to its modular design, Hex Safe is able to increase the maximum amount of transactions processed per second by efficient work balancing and by adding further hardware resources (CryptoExpress units, memory, storage, processors) into our servers.

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Global Partnership with IBM

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Highest FIPS Certification

Highest rated FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified HSM, IBM’s LinuxONE platform provides best in class security.

Secure Service Containers

A software solution that hosts container-based applications for secure and audited deployments.

Hipersocket Connectivity

HiperSockets™ is a System z® hardware feature that provides high performance encrypted internal communications between applications within the same central processor complex.

Highly Secure, near Real-Time

With ZeroKey™ using IBM’s server, the tech provides the best of both worlds providing quick access through a highly secured environment.

Cryptographically Encrypted

Multi stage transaction verification, Hex Safe leverages the hardware encrypted environment to protect keys at a hardware level.

Immutable Workflow

Most secure way to store data for highest level of risk and regulatory compliance.

Interoperability by Design

The Engineering Process

The Hex Safe architecture is designed to integrate easily with the existing systems of institutions and achieve interoperability with other platforms or financial services infrastructure providers.


Hex Safe provides interfaces for both traditional systems adopted by financial institutions (SWIFT, FIX) and new platforms via APIs.

Flexible Deployment Options

Full Custody

Clients seeking regulatory compliance can choose to have assets held by Hex Trust, a licensed custodian focused exclusively on digital assets.

Hex Trust acts as a trustee holding client assets and their corresponding private keys. All transactions initiated and authorized by clients are managed and executed by Hex Safe and Hex Trust operations teams.

The full wallet structure (Frozen, Cold and Warm) can be provided to clients and funds are covered by Hex Trust comprehensive insurance policy.

Custody as a Service

Our CaaS solution allows clients to operate and retain full control of their assets without requiring a full on premise implementation and integration.

Hex Trust SaaS solution can also be provided on dedicated hardware and infrastructure, hosted at one of Hex Trust partner data centres.

An agile solution based on Hex Trust proprietary ZeroKey™ technology can also be provided to offer the highest level of security of cold wallets and the speed of hot wallets.

Enterprise Solution

Hex Trust enterprise solution offers the highest degree of flexibility to adapt to clients processes and organizational structures.

On-premises enterprise solution and infrastructure delivered on IBM LinuxONE platform.

The entire process is under complete control of the client and cannot be accessed by Hex Trust support staff unless authorised.

Services for Banks

safekeeping custody


The industry’s most comprehensive custody solution with enterprise-grade security and features such as digital asset servicing.

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transaction clearing settlement custody

Clearing & Settlement

Secure, straight-through, real-time and near risk-free clearing and settlement for digital asset transactions.

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trading markets custody

Markets Services

Trade execution, access liquidity and price discovery via our vast network of liquidity providers via OTC and exchanges.

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